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We all love our leather jackets.

But over the years they can become a bit ragged round the edges if they’re not properly cleaned or cared for. Grass stains, food stains and scuffs and scratches can quickly spoil the overall look.

The good news? We can repair, restore and clean all types of leather jackets.

Leather preservation of jackets is a large part of our business, we can preserve your leather jackets, or historic leather goods, and antique leather jackets.

Keeping your leather jacket cleaned and protected will extend its life span considerably. 

  • Keep your leather items always at a cool and ventilated place. Avoid sun or light and never use plastic bags for storage.
  • Avoid to wet your leather item. If it gets wet leave it alone to become dry by the air. Do not put it too close to the fire or another heat source. Avoid to iron it alone only an expert is allowed to do this.

We can repair all the possible damage that might arise [tear-zip-buttons-lining etc]



The professional care of your fur is necessary for summertime. An expert dry cleaner is the right thing to do so that you will have a real safe environment for storage under controlled circumstances. Never use plastic bags for protecting your fur choose special textile bags which an exclusive fur and leather boutique can provide you.


Always use a special dry cleaner and do not attempt to clean your fur by your own.


The lighting at the area that you will put your fur must not be too much because it can cause oxidation or color changing.


A fur needs enough space in a closet so that it will not be crammed with the rest of your clothes. Use hangers with wide shoulders and never hungers of wire.


Keep your fur away from radiators and other heat sources. If it gets wet shake it well and hung it to a very well-ventilated place until it will be dry. Never brush your fur and do not hesitate to consult an expert for any other questions. Avoid every contact of the fur with perfumes or hairsprays.


Every small damage of your fur can be repaired by an expert so that it will be taken care of very carefully and by right circumstances.



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